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At QSI America our wide ranging, in-depth experience in Honey, Bee products and Agave Sytup enables us to offer both existing and potential clients a number of ‘value added’ consultancy-based services. These services include but are not restricted to:

  • Material, product and process risk assessments and due-diligence surveillance programs (relating to potential for chemical contamination within the supply chain).
  • Instrument supply, set-up and validation, potentially with in-house &/or on-site training in client specific applications.
  • Advice on test methodology and/or instrument fitness for purpose.
  • Assistance with structuring/costing of testing and surveillance programs.
  • Training seminars on various technical subjects including:
    • Technical & scientific overview of honey,
    • Residues & contaminants in foods L
    • Laboratory data integrity for GMP.

There are many other areas in which we operate and have extensive expertise so please contact us if you have specific requirements that are not covered above.

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