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Columbia Laboratories is CDPHE Certified!

After nearly a year of rigorous validations, on site audits and method review, Columbia Laboratories joined the short list of qualified testing laboratories.

“Our Colorado clients have been very patient as we ensured proficiency and compliance while completing this accreditation process,” said Kelly O’Connor, sales director for Columbia Labs. “We made sure we have all of our bases covered before announcing the certification and are ecstatic to be here.”

Columbia Labs outshines their competitors by offering a deeper dive into data, a suite of additional/ non-cannabis testing services, global partnership support and decades of testing expertise.

  • Showcase your products with the 20-cannabinoid potency profile.
  • Protect your consumers with established food-safety pathogen testing.
  • Open market doors with additional testing resources; Shelf-life studies, low LOQs and market-specific contaminants analysis and reporting requirements.
  • Disrupt the status-quo with crossover products, such as functional mushrooms, supplements like Melatonin, foods, beverages and more. All testing for specific product categories available.

Contact sales director, Kelly O’Connor, to request CDPHE testing packet, or discuss pricing, discounts and services.


Test Industrial Hemp Unfinished Hemp Extract Finished Hemp Product Price Per test
Salmonella 25g +25g 25 g 25g + 25g  $    35.00
STEC  $    35.00
Coliforms 10g + 10g 10 g 10g +10g  $    16.00
APC  $    16.00
Yeast/Mold  $    16.00
Micro Total 70 grams 35 grams 70 grams  $ 110.00
Mycotoxins 2 g 1 g 2 g*  $ 120.00
Metals 2 g* 1 g 2 g  $    80.00
Potency 2 g 1 g 2 g  $    80.00
Moisture Content 2 g n/a 2 g  $    25.00
Residual Solvents n/a 1 g n/a  $ 100.00
Pesticides 2 g* 1 g* 2 g*  $ 250.00
Total 80 grams 40 grams 80 grams




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